dw036 - Joel Hinkle - as the flesh departs...

James Friedman (c) 2012
As the flesh departs is one of my very most favorite albums...I am transported every time that I listen to it.

I feel badly that the only review of this album is the rather condescending review posted on the page posted below.
My personal response to this album continues to be one of extreme intensity and transport.

I vote 20 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Excellent, Unique, Noteworthy, Remarkable, Important, and Highly Regarded.

To me this album is wonderfully crafted, ingenious in technique, an effective tapestry of sound/emotion/atmosphere.

My personal comment to Mr. Hinkle is - Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

IkEcht - Jaap Kamminga (c) 2007
The American artist Joel Hinkle has so far mainly been an amateur musician. The internet offers very little information on him. A page on SoundClick gives some scant information suggesting he has made several albums so far (probably self-released?), has a fondness for ethnical instruments (didgeridoo, djembe etc.) and is not on any label yet. As far as I can determine, "As The Flesh Departs..." on the .net label Dark Winter is a first step in that direction.

So... what does this record offer us? Everything seems to point to dark ambient and that is largely correct. The album kicks off strongly with a five minute piece of dissonant resonation of... yes, of what exactly? An electronic organ is probably the closest to the truth. Subsequently you enter darker and especially calmer waters, inclining more towards drones as far as I'm concerned. Although it doesn't reach the level of the first track anywhere, the album does have its moments ( e.g. "Insectarium"). Not a record that grips and oppresses me (but maybe I have been blunted by too much dark music), but not a bad record either. This is an artist that can make interesting music, although the majority of the album with its drones is nothing out of the ordinary. I'm having trouble recommending this album to everyone but the dark ambient and drone lovers. Then again, it has been released under the CC-license on a .net label, so you can't go terribly wrong with it either.

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