dw059 - Morgan Craft - Tilting Against A Paper Sky

Cultural Flow - kultur (c) 2011
In a world being consumed by machines, art must attempt some kind of counterpoint Tilting Against A Paper Sky proposes the human imagination above all else. Music comes from beyond / improvisation comes closest to realizing the infinite potential inherent in nature. It could be said that the tracks here represent a melding of form and space – the aerial and the grounded. Morgan Craft made all of these tracks far away from the big city, in a remote village in Toscana. The expanse of certain tracks reflect the view of rolling vineyards from the studio window / the craggy beats allude to the mountain out back. The primary concern was to be natural, to play from a natural place without the push and pull of hipness and money. The experimental sounds, which were improvised and recorded live on or through solo electric guitar without using a computer to generate them, range from catchy melodic and groovy jazz tunes to music concrete.

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