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Sounds Behind The Corner - Nicola Tenani (c) 2011
If you fear the spirits do not head into the thick of the woods: this is a bit 'signal will be broadcast between the "furrows" (even a digital download I want figure constructed of grooves on tracks where the sound travels to the listener) and between furrows, the paths of sound, security, ability to stay alive.

Exit and head into the pavement in the heart of the forest where the spirits, the demons await the traveler to bring in their territory, dark environment plays many times, trying to do with sampled sounds, or digital surrogates Nature wildlife, primary and elemental, the rustle of wind in the leaves, the tramp of dead branches, fallen pine needles and their muffled noise, then long to be your feet that trample because otherwise it could be a problem.

Bulkrate follows the trend of his art class: free-download digital files in order to promote their work and "Entities" follows a few months earlier "Convocation" and "Gloom" keeping the line in perfect mental and conceptual to the wire in pursuing intellectual that binds the work of construction, composition.

The category, pressed it once, is that of orchestrators grim and determined to maintain a high level of para-symphonic, finding illustrious cousins in Northaunt or in Atrium Carceri.

Slow opening and Symphony: "A Frozen Realm" opens the album also graciously welcoming us into a parallel world and extended instrumental echoes of fairy still not feral but a question just as it always happens, the forest has gradually escalated, first loss, stunning loss in the references, then the nightmare, it works and makes the paraphrase, like the sound.

"The Curse" is dark, the dimension door is open, leaving hidden creatures in a dream / nightmare, and alternative mirror to itself, irreplaceable hours in the sound echoes in particular, in the misty stasis of "220 Demons", collapsed in swamps and wet locations, where to be cautious.

Moved all on a scale opposite a small scale and tiny size of the opportunity to hear from you waiting insect, trapped in a canvas, every little movement is vibration and the spider comes inexorably, announced as a fate from which he never escapes, Death does not wait, better close your eyes and hope that the pain is mild.

And the end comes ...

Leave an empty feeling, "Thy Sorrow Drown" has a long track sick sprayed by a wind, and warm at night pick up where the acrid smell of death between the stagnation electronic, magnetic fields, the deaf to rumble at the end of a nightmare , waiting for the day.

If the same vision that I write this page was created between the fingers of this little tale, if the same images are also formed in your mind, mean that it is the musician who this writer has found a tune with who is now reading and If it does not, however, would mean you would have read this page, download the free-run of this album and you have given a chance by listening, in which case Bulkrate, there would also be grateful to him and us because we live in a world where culture has no economic counterpart, I am giving you words he music, you're careful.

Another dream was born five tracks to understand without too much effort, just open the third eye and look at the picture, listening to "Entities".

English Translation by: www.soundsbehindthecorner.org

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